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Rabat, 627,000 inhabitants, has become the capital of Morocco since 1912, by the will of Lyautey, to move the center of power of Berber rebels. The capital was then Fez. Sultan Moulay Youssef settled there in a palace built by his grandfather Sidi Mohamed ben Abdallah. Mohamed VI was born in Rabat in 1964. He succeeded his father Hassan II since 1999. The Almohad sultan 'Abd al-Mu'min created Rabat in 1150 just north of the ancient Roman city of Sala Colonia (Chella). From there he left for his expeditions to Spain. At the time the Kasbah Udayas and huge ramparts existed. In the 17th century Andalusian Muslim refugees, the Andalusians, enriched the city with their trade and crafts. Rabat declined in the following centuries and it had only 25,000 inhabitants in 1912. In 1956, during the independence of Morocco, the city remained the capital of the country. Rabat with an agglomeration of 1 660 00 inhabitants, including the sister town Salé, is also the most important university center of Morocco, with 2 universities, many grandes écoles and its research institutes.



Marrakech was created in 1070 by the Almoravid dynasty and has always been the great metropolis of southern Morocco. It can be considered that Ali Ben Youssef really founded Marrakech in 1126. The first rampart of 9km was created at that time, as well as a new palace and administrative buildings. 300 years later, the Saadians - second half of the sixteenth century - place Marrakech as a capital thanks to Abdallah al Ghalib (1557-1574) the greatest builder of the dynasty Tourism represents an important source in the income of Morocco, he impacts all areas of economic activity and has a great influence on other sectors of the economy. Events in the Muslim world negatively impact many countries, not just in North Africa.   Tourism in Morocco has fallen since 2014. Nevertheless the region is relatively safe, 1.8 million tourists visited Marrakech with an average duration of 4 nights. The moderate cost of living on site, and the assurance of good weather, encourages tourists to come and return to Marrakech: the city has a lot to offer: museums, old town, palm grove, various distractions, excursions, shops ...



With a population of over one million inhabitants, Fez is the third largest city in Morocco, after Casablanca and Rabat. Of the four imperial cities, Fez is the first to date. Fes is made up of 3 distinct parts: Fez el Bali, the historic heart of Fez, on the slopes of the basin formed by the river Fez, Fez el Jedid, is south of the medina, on a mount. It is the imperial city, with the royal palace and the old mellah (Jewish quarter), the new city, developed under the French protectorate, on the plateau south of fez el Jedid, where banks, cinemas, modern shops, hotels .....

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Sports and Activities: Windsurfing, karting, mountain biking...

Camel ride

For a change of scenery during your stay in Marrakech nothing beats a camel trek in the palm to experience the trekking camel that is practiced since the Middle Ages in the desert of Marrakech, especially in the palm grove.

Hiking trekking

Discover on foot the Berber villages of Toubkal which have kept all their charm. A peaceful excursion in Toubkal massif, ideal for a family outing or friends.

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